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I recently wrote about my 14 month-long search for the elusive greater blue-ringed octopus and the running joke that my bad luck had become in the dive centre. However, it’s as though they heard my cry. Just a couple of weeks later I SAW MY FIRST ONE!

Joining guests who were sympathetic to my status as a bad luck charm, I ventured out with my camera and a small bubble of hope that this may be the day. Just 10 minutes into the dive our guide Sai put out the ‘I’ve found something’ noise of “ding, ding, ding” and gestured directly at me.

This was it. I casually swam over and saw the little guy chilling on a rock! Once our guests had their shots in the bag, I spent the next 10 minutes watching and photographing this potentially dangerous blue-ringed octopus go about his daily business. Slowly moving from rock to rock, making sure I wasn’t down current of him as he swept past me. How something so small can be so incredibly venomous is one of the many wonders of the animal kingdom!

So. The curse is broken (thankfully), and I think I have a new favourite critter on my hands!

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