Beach clean-up in December after a sudden flurry of trash

By 16th December 2019No Comments

A short update from our quick-fire beach clean-up on December 12 – following a few days of calm seas, the wind switched back to normal earlier in the week and with that came a sudden flurry of trash.

This beach clean-up was our heaviest yet, with 96 kg of trash during only 30 minutes. 95% was plastic, including 333 plastic bottles, 114 shoes & flip flops and a paddling pool! More worrying was the sheer amount of small polystyrene pieces collected. Our rough counting put it near a 1,000, but this is likely to be a huge underestimate.

A change in the wind combined with a spring tide reminded us just how big an issue ocean pollution is. Hopefully, the wind has now set in for the season and we won’t have such an in-pouring of trash.

Thanks to the efforts of our staff, there’s now 96 kg less in the ocean.

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