A horse or a sea monster? 10 fun facts about seahorses...Marinelife

A horse or a sea monster? 10 fun facts about seahorses…

One of the most popular critters at Atmosphere Resorts & Spa and along the Dauin Coast is the seahorse. It's great to watch a diver see his or her first seahorse and the amazing reaction that always follows. I don't think I have ever met a diver that didn't like seahorses! Most, if not all of you, know what seahorses look like, but there is much more to them than…
Daniel Geary
29th November 2014
Octopus OctoberMarinelife

Octopus October

Since I started working here in March, every month of diving at Atmosphere has been awesome, not only because of the guests and staff but also because of the amazing critters. That being said, for me personally, October has been exceptional. We have had many unique sightings this month and many guests have finally seen a desired critter for the first time, including the elusive Harlequin Shrimp! We are still…
Daniel Geary
29th October 2014
padi sidemount at atmosphere resorts in dauin philippinesPADI Courses

Are two tanks better than one?

Have you seen any fellow divers recently, carrying one or two tanks by their side instead of on the back? If you have, they were sidemount divers. Previously only seen on tech divers, sidemount has become increasingly popular among recreational divers and is now a PADI Specialty Course or can be done as an Adventure Dive on the PADI Advanced or Adventure dive course. The idea behind sidemount is pretty…
Atmosphere Resorts
24th October 2014
A mating pair of octopus on the Atmosphere Resorts house reefUnderwater Sightings

A Caring Mother on the House Reef

July, August and September have been great months for diving here at the Atmosphere House Reef. We have had mating pairs of frogfish, pregnant ornate ghost pipefish and banded pipefish, a few pairs of leaf scorpion fish, and most recently, a few mating pairs of octopus, all on the house reef! We have known about a few octopus that reside in our house reef for a while, but our divers…
Daniel Geary
2nd October 2014
Dive Site of the Week - Richards PointScuba Diving

Dive Site of the Week – Richards Point

One of the most requested dive sites from Atmosphere’s diving guests is definitely Richard's Point. This dive site is full of life from the minute we enter the water to the deepest part of the dive. No guest has left Richard's Point without a huge smile! So what is it like to dive there, you ask? Let me take you through a typical dive here. Once we enter the water…
Daniel Geary
10th September 2014