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Living and working in the Philippines

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Living and working in the Philippines - Denver Wickenhäuser

It has been six years since I have left Germany and began living and working in the Philippines and since that time I have been asked numerous times by my parents and friends when I was planning to return to Germany. And up to this day I wasn’t able to ever return a solid answer…do you care to know why?
It’s because of the Philippines! And its people, the thousand of islands, the weather, the ocean and so much more that I could mention but won’t, just because it would probably take another hour just to think of all the beauty that this country possesses.

Living and working in the Philippines - Beach Restaurant

Living and Working in the Philippines

I consider myself to be lucky to have the best workplace someone can wish for, well in fact, at this very minute, while I am writing this blog I am sitting in our restaurant in the resort, facing the ocean and enjoying the morning breeze with a cup of tea. We are really busy in the resort but somehow everyone around me manages to keep a smile on their face, and instantly I notice that I was smiling too. Whenever I get the chance I am telling our guests in our beautiful resort that I have arguably the best office in the world and this is why it’s fairly easy for me to keep myself passionate about my job. Naturally, I do love what I’m doing but to do it in a place like this is like hitting the jackpot. In here I have discovered a better me in every aspect, professionally and personally.
Amongst many other things I have learned since I live in the Philippines, one stands out, which is scuba diving…and especially here in the Philippines in Negros, where you find muck diving at its best, it is always a pleasure to join fun dives with our dive centre team and guests. I have been fortunate enough to have seen rare species, of which experienced and passionate divers are just dreaming of. Words couldn’t match the beauty of the underwater world of Apo Island and I can only think of one word to maybe try describing it, it’s “colors”. You won’t believe it until you’ve seen it.

Dive Apo Island

You might wonder why I have nothing negative to say, which is legit, and of course there are always downsides to everything as well but in this blog I am consecrating myself to the positive things I have met since I am living and working in the Philippines. Not only because I believe that a positive mind attracts more positive things of life but also do I only have very little negative to tell about the Philippines. The upsides are just too overwhelming to even try to contest it. This is mainly why I won’t even bother to write about it.

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