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The Sanctuary Spa at Atmosphere introduced reflexology to their extensive list of treatments a few months back. As a frequent client in our local massage parlor I took advantage to try out the new exciting treatment. I was lucky enough to get a slot with one of our skilled therapists and let me tell you, I am now a convert. Let me explain the benefits of a reflexology foot massage through the eyes of a receiver.

Reflexology Foot Massage at Atmosphere Resorts, Dumaguete, Philippines

Reflexology is a type of health therapy used to correspond with internal organs through stimulating pressure points in the feet and hands. It is known to release stress, which in turn helps the body heal and regenerate itself. It’s often used to not only relieve tension but also to treat illness or combat certain health problems. Your therapist will systematically work through the pressure points that relate to various areas of your anatomy. It’s almost exactly the same as having a massage but with longer lasting benefits.

Reflexology Foot Massage at Atmosphere Resorts, Dumaguete, Philippines


I’ve always thought of a massage as a bit like shopping. Therapy with a quick fix, you feel good afterwards but a few weeks go by and you want another one! Now, I can relate a reflexology foot massage to my new found passion of buying socially and environmentally conscious products. You feel good and potentially you’ve made a lasting impact. Leah, my therapist at The Sanctuary Spa told me about the different parts of my foot she was working on and I asked her about the particular parts that hurt more than the others. This is an indication of what parts of your body are in need of attention and our therapists can help you with that.

Reflexology Foot Spa at Atmosphere Resorts, Dumaguete, Philippines

You can also take part in a course of reflexology during your stay. Just sit back and enjoy the outstanding spa garden as your therapist applies pressure to the soles of your feet. Easing away any tension from the entire body. Find out more about our treatments at The Sanctuary Spa.

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