Buko juice or shake anyone? Possibly the best drink in the world...Dining

Buko juice or shake anyone? Possibly the best drink in the world…

Coconut juice or ‘buko’, as it is locally known as here in the Philippines, is proving to be a trendy new health drink in the western world. From a recent trip to the US, I know it can set you back a few dollars for a small bottle, yet here in the Philippines we are lucky enough to have coconuts in abundance. In fact there are so many of them…
Rae Collins
21st March 2014
Atmosphere's new coral stone pool deckUncategorised

Picture Postcard Perfect!

Time flies and after nearly five years of being open, we realized that Atmosphere's slightly weathered and dated wooden pool decking area needed a makeover. It has duly stood the test of time through five rainy seasons and an uncountable number of beautiful sunny days, but it was time not just for a revamp but for a whole new look. (Here's the old wooden pool deck above) Atmosphere’s concept has…
Rae Collins
23rd September 2013
Matt and Rae hard at work, tasting the new wines...Dining

Broadening our horizons – new wines at Atmosphere!

We have been very proud of our French boutique wine cellar for four years now at Atmosphere Resorts, but we have finally decided to go international. Rae tells you all about the exceptionally tough selection process… France is known for its fantastic vineyards and production of good quality wines. For the last four years, our wine list at Atmosphere has been an exclusive mix of some of these great wines,…
Rae Collins
4th August 2013
Yoga for KidsWellnessYoga

Yoga for Kids

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is that I teach yoga once a week at One International School, situated on site at Atmosphere Resorts. The kids range from three to six years old and it is incredible how receptive they are at such a young age to the yoga classes. Each week I conjure up a different theme to keep them all interested and engaged. We often…
Rae Collins
3rd July 2013