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In December 2018, I started to plan for my PADI IDC (Instructor Development Course). After living in Shanghai for 14 years, working in marketing & PR for 8 years and daydreaming of island diving life for 4 years, I knew it was time to change. And doing my IDC was how to start it. I asked a few dive instructor friends from Malaysia and Indonesia, and they all pointed to IDP (Instructor Development Philippines)!

Looking back at this journey now, I feel so lucky to have done my IDC with IDP. Here are the reasons and also why I would recommend it to all my friends.

PADI IDC at IDP and Atmosphere Resorts in the Philippines

Having fun during your PADI IDC is very important! Layla (furthest to the right) with some of her IDP classmates and PADI Course Director Berlinda Koolen

One IDC by two PADI 5 Star Career Development Centers

IDP is a program where two PADI 5 Star CDC Resorts have joined forces: Atmosphere Resorts & Spa, and Liquid Dive Dumaguete. What does that mean?

  • The course is conducted by four experienced Course Directors, with the support of multiple Staff Instructors. The most valuable experience I had, was to learn from each one of them! There were occasions – such as when they practiced open water CESA and Rescue assignment with us again and again so that we won’t miss out on any small but critical steps – and occasions when they reminded us to treat every student/customer/co-worker with respect and fairness on top of the skill presentations. They shared so much experience and inspiration!
  • The course is carried out in both resorts. We got to experience different types of dive center management and clienteles in Atmosphere and Liquid, which is very beneficial for the candidates’ future career development.

A well organized and efficient PADI IDC

I was really impressed how organized and efficient things are with IDP, even before I came to Philippines!

  • When it comes to planning for a trip or a course, my previous experience told me it wouldn’t be easy and could be a headache sometimes. So I sent my first email to IDP in December to inquire for the IDC starting at the end of March! Berlinda, one of the Course Directors, replied soon with detailed information. Within 2-3 emails back and forth for a couple of days, I got a very clear picture of everything I wanted to know: course schedule, logistic, pre-course to-do list, fee break down, accommodation, specialty courses etc! And once I signed up for the course, I received the PADI online study access and diving theory notes prepared by IDP to read through before the course.
  • The course structure here can be summarized as: Preparation days – EFR Instructor Course – IDC – IE. Thanks to the above mentioned online study and theory notes, plus the presentations in the classroom, we were able to finish the theory study during the 3 days preparation, which also included the skill circuit to enhance our skill demonstration. Then during the 10 days of IDC, we fully immersed ourselves in all the assignments and candidate presentations. It was a lot of hard work, making progress day by day with continuous tutoring and support from the course directors and staff instructors.
The best confined water site! Layla and her fellow PADI IDC candidates in the Atmosphere swimming pool during a confined water class

The best confined water site! Layla and her fellow PADI IDC candidates in the Atmosphere swimming pool during a confined water class

Variety among PADI Instructors and IDC candidates

Among the Course Directors and Staff Instructors, there is such a variety in life experience, cultural background and age groups. It was a lot of fun to experience the course with each one of them. It was the same with my classmates. We came from Brazil, America, New Zealand, South Africa and China, covering ages from 21 to 50! With shared passion for diving, open minds and everyone’s unique personality, we had many great moments with big laughter in the classroom, swimming pool and the ocean!

What’s more, all the staff (mostly Filipinos) from these 2 resorts, whether from dive team, F&B or reception, made this journey so warm and special for us!

IDP conducts IDC’s in both English and Chinese. As a Chinese, I chose to take the English class, but had abundant materials in Chinese to refer to as well, and a Chinese speaking Course Director from IDP to consult with.

1 month after IDC, I became the dive instructor and marketing assistant at Atmosphere. If you love diving, you cannot miss the world-class dive sites along the Dauin coastline and in Apo Island. The marine life variety and beautiful coral reefs just give you another reason to take your IDC here, and go diving!

/Layla Fu

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  • Maris says:

    Hi Layla I had already an open course diving at Bali from scuba world but I stopped from 2005 to date. Me and my husband are both PADI member but sad to say that we have gone separate ways now. May I know if I could still refresh my scuba diving course and I am also aspiring to become an instructor but I am no longer or should I say I can’t afford the expenses anymore. Do you know anyone who offer a full scholarship for this matter? I am really interested to become an instructor.

    • Ulrika Kroon says:

      Hi Maris! We do not offer internships for instructors at no cost but there are surely lots of operators who do. Sign up to some of the many Scuba Job groups on Facebook and ask your question there, and you will probably receive a few responses!

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