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Frogfish heaven - 12 of the 16 frogfish captured on one dive at Atmosphere

If you have visited us at Atmosphere or been to our facebook page then you already know one thing – I am beyond obsessed with frogfish, which you can read more about here in my blog about frogfish from last year. The reason I am writing about frogfish again is because right now is my favorite time of year – baby frogfish season! Starting around January until around May, baby frogfish start turning up everywhere. Right now, nearly every dive site has a baby frogfish, even on our house reef. Last month on one day we saw sixteen baby frogfish …

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10 things you did not know about Nudibranchs

Normally when people think of the word slug, they think of something slimy and undesirable, but that’s not the case when it comes to the underwater world. Nudibranchs, kind of like a sea slug, come in virtually every color and combination of colors and are extremely beautiful. Although most of the time they are quite small, they are so awesome that this makes up for what they lack in size. Here are 10 pretty cool things you might not know about nudibranchs. Nudibranch comes from the Latin word ‘nudus’ and the Greek word ‘brankhia,’ meaning ‘naked’ and ‘gills’ respectively. This …

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Divemaster Richard, between his favorite frogfish and the scarier Finding Nemo version

It was December 2010 when, like a new lone gunman, Richard appeared in the Atmosphere Dive Center having heard that they were in need of a freelance Divemaster that day. For those of you who have dived here, we could say that the rest is history. King Richard, as he is known amongst our Atmosphere guests, is a stalwart within the dive team and well known on the Dauin coast as one of the best spotters of critters and creatures within our oceans. He loves the challenge of finding smaller, rarer, more obscure creatures and after speaking with him it …

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