False killer whales in DauinNews

Small things – BIG things! False killer whales in Dauin

We are used to small things at Atmosphere: Frogfish, pygmy seahorses, harlequin shrimps... Turtles and snakes and the occasional whale shark are also what you can expect to see at Atmosphere but who would have thought we’d come upon a big pod of false killer whales! A couple of divers were diving off speedboat Eve in Dauin and heading back to the resort when they spotted the whales breaching offshore!…
Atmosphere Resorts
3rd June 2015
Fluoro Diving for the New YearScuba Diving

Fluoro Diving for the New Year

How can you turn black into glowing yellows, oranges, reds, blues and greens? By doing what we call fluoro diving at night... Many divers have a preference as to what kind of diving they enjoy, whether it is wreck diving, drift diving, muck diving, or even night diving, just to name a few. All of these are great ways to have a completely different dive experience. Night diving is unique…
Atmosphere Resorts
30th December 2014
Moby DuckUncategorised

Moby Duck

If I were to tell you that rubber ducks have revolutionized how scientists view and understand ocean currents, would you believe me? No? Neither would I, but you should because it's completely true and one of my favorite science stories! In 1992, a container cargo ship from Hong Kong set out for Washington but encountered a rough storm during the voyage. One of the containers, filled with nearly 30,000 bathtub…
Atmosphere Resorts
23rd December 2014
padi sidemount at atmosphere resorts in dauin philippinesPADI Courses

Are two tanks better than one?

Have you seen any fellow divers recently, carrying one or two tanks by their side instead of on the back? If you have, they were sidemount divers. Previously only seen on tech divers, sidemount has become increasingly popular among recreational divers and is now a PADI Specialty Course or can be done as an Adventure Dive on the PADI Advanced or Adventure dive course. The idea behind sidemount is pretty…
Atmosphere Resorts
24th October 2014
Flamboyant and toxic - but we love themMarinelife

Flamboyant and toxic – but we love them

Flamboyant cuttlefish are some of the craziest critters that we have here in Dauin. You may have seen the photos of the unborn flamboyant cuttlefish in its egg that has been featured on our Atmosphere facebook a lot this week? Amazing shot - but it doesn't end there... Although these critters - found in the Indo-Pacific - are the same color as the substrate while resting, they transform when they're…
Atmosphere Resorts
25th August 2014