A selection of baby frogfish with a special place in Atmosphere's marine biologist Daniel Geary's heartMarinelifeScuba Divingunderwater photoUnderwater Sightings

Frogfish I have loved

I haven't written a frogfish blog in awhile, terrible I know and I apologize, so in honor of this year's baby frogfish season I have decided to go into my archives and take a look back at some of my all time baby frogfish encounters. I have seen hundreds and hundreds of frogfish in my time working at Atmosphere Resorts & Spa, with around 400 different individuals encountered in 2016…
Daniel Geary
15th February 2017
Dedicated underwater fathers - Pygmy seahorse, jawfish, cardinalfish and pipefish, all with eggs in Dauin, Dumaguete, Philippines. Photos by Daniel Geary at Atmosphere Resort.MarinelifeUnderwater Sightings

Dedicated Underwater Fathers

When it comes to reproduction in the ocean, things can get a little weird. There are animals that can change sexes (ghost pipefish) as well as animals that are both sexes (nudibranch), and even animals that can jettison an arm to grow a new animal (starfish). There are many fish that have role reversals where the fathers take care of the eggs until they hatch. The most well-known example is…
Daniel Geary
26th April 2016
juvenile clown frogfish yawning by Daniel Geary at Atmosphere PhilippinesMarinelifeUnderwater Sightings

The truth about the frogfish yawn

You think the frogfish is yawning? Think again... In honor of recent Frogfish February (and March!), I have decided to write yet another frogfish blog. For this one, I'm going to focus on the facts behind the 'holy grail' of frogfish photos – the yawn. Every photographer wishes for the frogfish yawn, although sometimes you can wait an entire dive and still not see it. Other times, like waiting for…
Daniel Geary
16th March 2016
Frogfish at Atmosphere Philippines - 10 different species in one day!News

Frogfish February – and March – delivers big time!

As most of our diving guests know, February and March are intense months for Frogfish lovers with more species and sightings than most of us can imagine. Our marine biologist Daniel has been very busy teaching his PADI Frogfish Specialist course and we are proud to say that on one course dive in March, Daniel and his students saw 10 different frogfish species in one day! Not ten frogfish -…
Ulrika Kroon
12th March 2016
PADI Frogfish Specialist distinctive course at Atmosphere Resort PhilippinesNews

Frogfish Specialist – Distinctive PADI Specialty at Atmosphere

It doesn’t get much more distinctive than this! We can proudly announce that thanks to our passionate frogfish-loving marine biologist Daniel Geary, we now have a PADI Frogfish Specialist Diver course at Atmosphere Resorts & Spa. Approved by PADI, the course has two dives and some very interesting theory bits where you will learn about species, sizes, behavior, how to find them and much more. Where better to do so…
Ulrika Kroon
17th January 2016