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new speedboat at atmosphere resorts

We are excited to present to you the newest addition to our fleet – our new speedboat Kay. Very similar to Eve, our trusted 10 meter/30 feet speedboat, she can take up to 10 divers passengers to any of the dive sites along the Dauin coast within 15 minutes. With some added luxuries such as plush cushioned seats, we think that she perfectly fits the Atmosphere Fleet!

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Atmosphere dive vessel Victoria, moored up by Apo island

I am sure you have been on a boat at one time or another. Unless you have been to the Philippines before, I would expect that you have never had the joy and experience of travelling on a Philippine Banka (or Bangka) boat. Their main difference from the conventional norm is that they are double-outrigger crafts, consisting of a narrow main hull with two attached outriggers. Outriggers look like skis or stabilizers that run parallel to the hull, the bottoms of which sit at water-level. The outriggers are there to keep the boat stable almost like active suspension on a …

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