Detox at Atmosphere Resort in the Philippines

Due to Covid, detox programs have been on hold in our award-winning spa. We have plans to re-launch our programs in 2022 with some modifications and improvements. Please contact our Detox and Wellness manager Rae Collins for details at

Feel free to browse our previous detox programs and inclusions below.

A Spa or Wellness facility is not complete without a comprehensive detox and wellness menu. Atmosphere has worked together with Dave Catudal (, an internationally recognized Digestive Health expert and celebrity fitness trainer, to create two distinct detox programs; the Express Detox and Digestive Health Detox.

The Express Detox is an effective way of rebooting your system. This detox can be conducted over a period of 2 or 3 days. It is an intense detox with profound benefits, such as immune system boosting, enhanced metabolism and anti-inflammatory properties. The Express Detox eliminates food completely, you will have numerous healthy vegan tonics and teas to ease you through the journey whilst be fully supported by one of our in house wellness therapists.

The Digestive Health detox’s objective on the other hand is to cleanse the entire digestive system, and this program is conducted over a minimum of 5 days. Many of the healthy ingredients that feature in the recommended food choices are sourced within the Philippines, offering a tasty menu that leaves you feeling light but satiated. With every meal lovingly prepared by our kitchen, we promote that food be your medicine.

Both detox’s offer a comprehensive fully supported program with activities and spa services that support overall wellness, interesting health-related workshops, and drinks that promote calmness and cleansing – they are the perfect way to restore balance in your body. All our wellness services can be taken individually or as part of a package at Atmosphere Resort, Philippines.

Express Detox Program

Natural lifestyle situations and choices can lead to a toxic system; stress, poor diet, lack of good quality sleep can all contribute to an imbalanced internal system. This quick detox is like pressing the ‘reset’ button. It gives you the opportunity to make distinct health improvements in a short period of time. From digestive system and immune boosting upgrades, to anti-inflammation benefits and even enhanced metabolism, your body and mind will thank you for the love and attention. Our professionally designed express detox is a vegan liquid diet and focuses on liver and organ health, and it provides your system with nutrient-dense superfoods and cleansing organ tonics which will improve your health from the inside out. What are the benefits of the Express Detox?

  • Reduces your toxic load
  • Enhances your energy levels
  • Enhances your sleep quality
  • Increase you natural detox potential via a more efficient liver
  • Enhances your digestive functions
  • Upgrades your immune system
  • Optimizes balance of good microorganisms in your gut

The program includes;

  • 2 days of vegan liquid diet
  • 2 meditation classes
  • 2 hatha yoga classes
  • Detox Spa treatment – Castor oil topical liver cleansing pack with head and foot massage (see spa detox services for more details)

*Additional but highly recommended treatment: The Castor Oil detox flush followed by a circulatory enhancing spa treatment.

Deluxe & Executive Detox programs

Atmosphere’s Digestive Health Detox program is a balanced solution to the most prominent health issues of our modern time; Stress and Inflammation. Inflammation is the root cause of illness and disease, our digestive system is the first line of defense in preventing an inflamed body. By taking care of our inner health we ensure optimal holistic health throughout the entire body, mind and emotion. Our professionally designed program combines detoxification with soothing spa treatments that promote circulation and regeneration. Our program will leave you feeling fresh, light and revitalized from the inside out. After completing 5 days of this program you will have greatly reduced the body’s level of bad candida and harmful microorganisms. Benefits;

  • Enhanced digestive functions
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Reduces stress
  • Cleanses and removes toxins
  • Increased nutrient absorption
  • Upgrade your immune system
  • Enhances balance of good microorganisms in your gut
  • Improves skin and complexion
  • Improves mood and mental focus

Deluxe Program inclusions;

  • Initial Consultation
  • Your guide to healthy eating options on Atmosphere’s menus
  • Cleansing tonics & teas
  • 3 yoga classes
  • 2 meditation classes
  • 2 sessions with Personal Trainer
  • 2 workshops
  • Detox Spa treatment – Castor oil topical liver cleansing pack with head and foot massage
  • Detox Spa treatment – skin brushing
  • Detox Spa treatment – bentonite lymph mask (see spa detox services for more details)
    • Does not include food

Executive Detox Program inclusions all the above plus;

  • Detox Spa treatment – bentonite facial mask
  • 1 Relaxation Massage
  • 1 Atmosphere Signature Massage
  • 1 Lava shell Massage
  • All Natural Facial
  • All natural body scrub and body wrap