Tim Feldmann from Miami Life Center visits and teaches a yoga class at Atmosphere Resort in the PhilippinesWellnessYoga

Humbled in the presence of a Yoga Teacher

Yoga with Tim Feldmann in the Philippines One of the perks of working in a high end resort is that we sometimes have famous people come to visit. More often than not I am blissfully ignorant of who they are, but recently we were honored to have two famous Yogis come to stay. No surprises, but not only had I heard of them, not only had I hoped and planned…
Rae Collins
29th February 2016
Kids Yoga ClassFamilyYoga

Kids Yoga at Atmosphere – children love yoga too!

Its term time again and ‘my kids’ at the One international school are growing older, new kids are joining, the numbers increasing and there has even been a preschool added. As a result, last term saw the introduction to two different kids yoga classes, one for the 3-5 year olds and one for the 6-9 year olds. The biggest challenge when teaching children yoga is to keep them engaged, which…
Rae Collins
10th January 2016
Hilot MassageWellness

The Power of the local Hilot Massage

Hilot pronounced HEE-lot is an ancient Filipino art of hands on healing that involves intuition and massage. Even today many Filipino’s will seek the advice and therapy of a manghihilot (hilot practitioner) as an alternative to a medical doctor. Traditionally they have no formal training, with their knowledge and practice being passed down from one generation to the next. It also relies on the individual’s ability to tap into and…
Rae Collins
20th September 2015
yoga retreatWellnessYoga

Why I love a Yoga Retreat

The word retreat literally means to withdraw and that is exactly what I find myself doing when I go on a yoga retreat; withdrawing from the usual stresses of everyday life. I revel in the idea of shaking free the shackles of cell phones, internet connections and work. Just the thought of what goodness the retreat will bring me allows me the luxury of letting go of everyday concerns and…
Rae Collins
26th March 2015
Atmosphere on a brown beach in Dauin, just by Mount TalinisWellnessYoga

Does it have to be white?

We live on a brown beach. When you ask people what their favorite color is, they rarely say “brown”. Yet, many wonderful things that we love so much are brown in color; chocolate, coffee and in my case Marmite J.Whilst Marmite is a matter of opinion, we often equate coffee and chocolate to luxury and indulgence. What could be better than a fine creamy Italian coffee or a rich smooth…
Rae Collins
11th December 2014