Atmosphere's new coral stone pool deckUncategorised

Picture Postcard Perfect!

Time flies and after nearly five years of being open, we realized that Atmosphere's slightly weathered and dated wooden pool decking area needed a makeover. It has duly stood the test of time through five rainy seasons and an uncountable number of beautiful sunny days, but it was time not just for a revamp but for a whole new look. (Here's the old wooden pool deck above) Atmosphere’s concept has…
Rae Collins
23rd September 2013
The Atmosphere Dive Team, ready to swim to Apo Island The Atmosphere Dive Team, ready to swim to Apo IslandUncategorised

Swimming to save Sharks

If you have visited Atmosphere’s website, facebook, twitter or the actual resort during the last month, you can’t have missed out on us completing the Project Aware Finathon. The Atmosphere Dive Team swam from the resort to Apo Island and back – a distance of 20 km, management swam 2 km each, our kids at ONE International School swam 1160 meters in the pool and we all had a fabulous…
Ulrika Kroon
9th July 2013

Miss Piggy? A tiny pink visitor…

Imagine our surprise when we heard the rumors that a rare pygmy seahorse had found itself a home on the Atmosphere Resort house reef. Below 30 meters (great for Nitrox divers!) on a pink sea fan, the hunt began! Our master critter spotters in the dive team soon found our new little friend, and he or she was indeed very small! But considering it was the first pygmy seahorse as…
Atmosphere Resorts
22nd June 2013