The new Atmosphere Soup Kitchen is being builtSoup kitchen

Rebuilding our Soup Kitchen

When Atmosphere Resort’s Soup Kitchen (ASK) opened 3 years ago, it was housed in a building belonging to the Scandinavian Missionary Village, in an impoverished area close to the Dumaguete dump site called Candua-ay. Close to the local school, our hopes were that the local children would be fed a nourishing lunch every day and be able to go to school instead of foraging for scraps on the dump site.…
Rae Collins
27th June 2014
The mothers at the Atmosphere Soup Kitchen showing off their Piggy BankSoup kitchen

The Piggy Bank Project

On a recent visit to the Atmosphere Soup Kitchen (ASK) with resort guests Emma and Lexie from California, we once again had the opportunity to admire the ingenuity of the people living around the dump site in Candau-ay. The Atmosphere Soup Kitchen is a part of our Gives Forward program. It opened in June 2011 and we feed 85 kids five days a week. Why? The main objective is to…
Ulrika Kroon
27th August 2013