Snorkel with turtles in Apo Island where the beautiful reefs and corals are accessible to everybody with Atmosphere Resort in the Philippines. Image by David Hettich.

Snorkeling with turtles and whale sharks

At Atmosphere Resort in the Philippines, we welcome snorkelers on all our boat trips. Snorkeling can also be done off the beach on our amazing house reef at any time, or from our dive boats. Many of our dive sites are also excellent snorkeling sites with corals reaching very shallow.
Snorkel equipment is available for rent in our dive center and we offer snorkeling classes for guests who have little experience but wish to learn. We also always send snorkeling guides with our snorkelers and we have life jackets available for the less experienced swimmers. Whale sharks or turtles? The choice is yours!

Snorkeling with turtles in Apo island is accessible for everybody with Atmosphere Resort in the Philippines

Snorkeling in Apo Island with Atmosphere

Apo Island is a stunningly beautiful snorkeling spot. Apo is only 30 minutes away from Atmosphere and we take divers and snorkelers thereĀ almost every day. We usually leave in the morning and come back to Atmosphere at lunch time, and there is plenty of drinks, fruit and cookies on board as well as towels and fresh water. Apo Island has a turtle sanctuary in very shallow water where you can see leatherback and green turtles grazing on the sea grass. There are also sea turtles deeper and you can often spot them from the boat, when they come up for air. Pristine corals and white sand surround the island, you’ll be amazed at the variety of colorful reef fish you’ll see.

Swim with Whale Sharks in Oslob with Atmosphere Resort in the Philippines

Swim with Whale Sharks with Atmosphere

Near Oslob village on Cebu Island in Tanawan, 1,5 hours away by van and boat, a large group of whale sharks congregate year-round in a shallow bay. We will bring you there in an air-conditioned van by road and car-ferry. Once on site, there will be a briefing and then it’s time to step into a small boat that will take you the 100 meters out to where the whale sharks are. Some chose to just watch the whale sharks from the surface but those who wish can get in the water and swim/snorkel with these gentle giants. Life jackets are available.
Unafraid of humans, the whale sharks come very close to swimmers and for many of our guests, it is the experience of a life-time. We chose not to do any scuba diving with the whale sharks, following the recommendations of WWF. Bring your underwater camera or rent one from Atmosphere!