A selection of baby frogfish with a special place in Atmosphere's marine biologist Daniel Geary's heartMarinelifeScuba Divingunderwater photoUnderwater Sightings

Frogfish I have loved

I haven't written a frogfish blog in awhile, terrible I know and I apologize, so in honor of this year's baby frogfish season I have decided to go into my archives and take a look back at some of my all time baby frogfish encounters. I have seen hundreds and hundreds of frogfish in my time working at Atmosphere Resorts & Spa, with around 400 different individuals encountered in 2016…
Daniel Geary
15th February 2017
Octopus sex at Atmosphere resort in Dauin, Dumaguete, PhilippinesMarinelifeScuba Divingunderwater photoUnderwater Sightings

Octopus Sex

Octopus are one of the most interesting critters a diver can encounter while underwater. Whether the fact that they can squeeze into any crevice that their beak will fit into or that they can change color and texture in an instant, one of the most interesting things about octopus is actually their sex life. Octopus will begin to metabolize their own muscles when they become sexually mature to make their…
Daniel Geary
15th January 2017
Turtles in Apo island near Atmosphere Resort in the PhilippinesUncategorisedunderwater photo

All you ever wanted to know about the Sea Turtle!

Sea turtles are undoubtedly one of the most popular animals in the ocean, especially considering they love warm water and can be found worldwide in tropical and subtropical waters. Whether snorkeling or diving, turtles are always a highlight of any trip. Sea turtles are built for the ocean. They have existed there for over 100 million years, so their bodies are perfectly streamlined for swimming. Unlike land turtles, sea turtles…
Daniel Geary
6th December 2016