Frogfish heaven - 12 of the 16 frogfish captured on one dive at AtmosphereUnderwater Sightings

Bring out the babies!

If you have visited us at Atmosphere or been to our facebook page then you already know one thing – I am beyond obsessed with frogfish, which you can read more about here in my blog about frogfish from last year. The reason I am writing about frogfish again is because right now is my favorite time of year – baby frogfish season! Starting around January until around May, baby…
Daniel Geary
5th May 2015
Three hearts and blueish green blood... 10 fun facts about cuttlefishMarinelife

Three hearts and blueish green blood… 10 fun facts about cuttlefish

Many divers here in Dauin want to see cuttlefish, whether it is big or small, swimming or hiding. We are lucky to have a few that frequent our house reef, as well as some other dive sites where they are quite common. These critters are surely one of the weirdest here on the coast, but there is more to them than meets the eye. Here are ten awesome facts about…
Daniel Geary
30th March 2015
10 things you did not know about NudibranchsMarinelife

10 things you did not know about Nudibranchs

Normally when people think of the word slug, they think of something slimy and undesirable, but that's not the case when it comes to the underwater world. Nudibranchs, kind of like a sea slug, come in virtually every color and combination of colors and are extremely beautiful. Although most of the time they are quite small, they are so awesome that this makes up for what they lack in size.…
Daniel Geary
20th February 2015
When Diving becomes MeditationScuba Diving

When Diving becomes Meditation

There are many reasons why people chose to learn to dive; on top of the list is a desire to explore the underwater world and see the endless array of amazing marine life. Having been an avid diver and dive instructor for many years, I have seen my fair share of breathtaking pelagics and crazy macro critters and now I approach diving in a slightly unusual manner. When I don…
Rae Collins
20th February 2015
turtle in apo island with atmosphere resortMarinelife

Ten terrific turtle facts

Although the Dauin Coast is a must-visit place for muck divers (with sea turtles!), don't forget about our little neighbor Apo Island. Besides the amazing coral and numerous fish, the usual favorites of our divers are the many sea turtles that make Apo Island their home. With no known predators in the area, many of them are not scared of us and sometimes even swim with us for a few…
Daniel Geary
5th January 2015