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SNUPS (Splash-NUDI Underwater Photo Shootout)

This year I took part in my first underwater photography contest, the annual SNUPS (Splash-NUDI Underwater Photo Shootout) event that takes place here in the Philippines. This year we had enough people from Dumaguete/Dauin that wanted to participate that they gave us our own leg to compete against Anilao and Cebu/Malapascua. It's an amateur competition, so no professionals allowed! One great aspect of this competition is that it doesn't allow…
Daniel Geary
10th September 2015
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A schedule packed full of Diving

It has been diving galore this month as Instructors Don, Lor, Daniel and Lauren have all been very busy with numerous PADI courses. Guests Immo and Luci both completed their Open Water Courses mid August. Our Marine Biologist Daniel helped guest Katherine complete her Rescue Course on the same week. Lauren was in charge of a number of DSD's in English and French over the last couple of weeks and…
Atmosphere Resorts
1st September 2015
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Into the Deep with Daniel

The ocean is a huge place, so big in fact that our planet is called the blue planet. We know by looking at a world map that the ocean takes up more space than land, but what about beneath the surface? According to Blue Planet Seas of Life, a BBC documentary, “Over 60% of our planet is covered by water more than a mile deep. The deep sea is the…
Daniel Geary
23rd August 2015
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Are there sea snakes?

This is a question I am asked very often from divers and snorkelers alike. Snakes, like most creatures in the ocean that are poisonous or venomous, come with misconceptions. Many people are very afraid of sea snakes, but when it comes down to it, they have no reason to be. Not all snakes are venomous – of the four species we have in Dauin, two have no venom. The ones…
Daniel Geary
6th July 2015
Frogfish heaven - 12 of the 16 frogfish captured on one dive at AtmosphereUnderwater Sightings

Bring out the babies!

If you have visited us at Atmosphere or been to our facebook page then you already know one thing – I am beyond obsessed with frogfish, which you can read more about here in my blog about frogfish from last year. The reason I am writing about frogfish again is because right now is my favorite time of year – baby frogfish season! Starting around January until around May, baby…
Daniel Geary
5th May 2015