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Into the Deep with Daniel (part 2!)

A common theme for deep sea fish and other animals is that they look really ugly or scary. This is due to the extreme environments in the deep sea, the reason these fish have to make just as extreme adjustments. Due to the scarcity of food and sunlight as well as the pressure of having thousands of meters of water above their heads, deep sea fish bodies have altered significantly…
Daniel Geary
11th July 2016
MarinelifeUnderwater Sightings

SMURFs on the Atmosphere House Reef

SMURFs are actually mesh baskets used to research baby fish From April until June, the Atmosphere Resort house reef will be used as a research site to study baby fish. This research project is run by marine biologists from Curtin University in Perth (Australia). To study baby fish, we are using “SMURFs”. SMURFs stand for “Standard Monitoring Unit for Recruitment of Fishes”. They are mesh-baskets filled with pebbles, sand or…
Atmosphere Resorts
1st May 2016
Dedicated underwater fathers - Pygmy seahorse, jawfish, cardinalfish and pipefish, all with eggs in Dauin, Dumaguete, Philippines. Photos by Daniel Geary at Atmosphere Resort.MarinelifeUnderwater Sightings

Dedicated Underwater Fathers

When it comes to reproduction in the ocean, things can get a little weird. There are animals that can change sexes (ghost pipefish) as well as animals that are both sexes (nudibranch), and even animals that can jettison an arm to grow a new animal (starfish). There are many fish that have role reversals where the fathers take care of the eggs until they hatch. The most well-known example is…
Daniel Geary
26th April 2016
juvenile clown frogfish yawning by Daniel Geary at Atmosphere PhilippinesMarinelifeUnderwater Sightings

The truth about the frogfish yawn

You think the frogfish is yawning? Think again... In honor of recent Frogfish February (and March!), I have decided to write yet another frogfish blog. For this one, I'm going to focus on the facts behind the 'holy grail' of frogfish photos – the yawn. Every photographer wishes for the frogfish yawn, although sometimes you can wait an entire dive and still not see it. Other times, like waiting for…
Daniel Geary
16th March 2016