Flamboyant and toxic - but we love themMarinelife

Flamboyant and toxic – but we love them

Flamboyant cuttlefish are some of the craziest critters that we have here in Dauin. You may have seen the photos of the unborn flamboyant cuttlefish in its egg that has been featured on our Atmosphere facebook a lot this week? Amazing shot - but it doesn't end there... Although these critters - found in the Indo-Pacific - are the same color as the substrate while resting, they transform when they're…
Atmosphere Resorts
25th August 2014
Giant frogfish perched near a mooring blockMarinelife

Frogfish – an Atmosphere favourite

Of all the critters on the Dauin coast, there is one that definitely stands out as a favorite of many divers and that is the frogfish. Whether the size of a grain of rice or a dinner plate, we never get tired of seeing them here at Atmosphere. Frogfish are one of the most interesting critters in the ocean and come in every shape, size, and color imaginable. We have…
Daniel Geary
20th August 2014
Jawfish on the Atmosphere Resorts house reef Jawfish on the Atmosphere Resorts house reefMarinelife

Jaws! A house reef favourite…

One of the many awesome critters we have in Dauin – and even better, plenty on the Atmosphere Resorts house reef - is the jawfish. There are roughly 40 species of jawfish, but one species, the Yellowbarred jawfish, is happy to call the our house reef its home. You can find a good number of these small fish (up to 10 cm) below the main reef in the rubble field…
Daniel Geary
16th July 2014
Mimic, blue ringed and wonderpus - the Big ThreeMarinelife

The Big Three

When divers arrive at Atmosphere Resort, they usually come prepared with a list of the critters they want to see the most. Many of these 'critter lists' vary due to the sheer number of critters you can see along the Dauin coast. Some people prefer nudibranchs, some are in need of frogfish, but nearly all of our divers want the “Big Three.” The “Big Three” are found almost exclusively in…
Daniel Geary
27th June 2014
Critters in Muck at Atmosphere ResortMarinelife

The (almost) complete guide to muck diving

What is muck diving? Why would you want to dive in muck? Don't you like coral? These are some of the questions that many divers are asked when they bring up muck diving in conversation. Some people are turned off by the idea simply because of the name without actually realizing what muck diving is. To us here at Atmosphere, muck diving is an absolutely amazing game of hide-and-go-seek where…
Daniel Geary
26th May 2014