Island Hopping to Apo island to snorkel with turtles is a great activity during your stay in Atmosphere in Dumaguete, Philippines

Island Hopping

Island hopping

In an archipelago comprised of 7,107 tropical islands, a couple of them are just on our doorstep. We can take you island hopping on a boat trip with one of Atmosphere’s boats, or we suggest booking a small private airplane that will take you from Dumaguete Airport and fly to your island of choice for a great aerial view.

Island hopping to Apo island for snorkeling with turtles is a great option during your stay at Atmosphere in Dumaguete, Philippines

Apo Island

Join Atmosphere for some excellent snorkeling in Apo Island. It is an unforgettable island hopping trip and a must for both non-divers and divers. A small fishing community inhabits the island, which also has a small chapel, a lighthouse and a marine sanctuary where the snorkeling is world-class. Only 30 minutes away by boat from Atmosphere, we conduct trips to Apo several times per week, weather permitting. Apo Island is surrounded by lush coral reefs with a myriad of turtles and colorful reef fish as well as lush spectacular reefs and coral. It is an excellent spot for both the beginner snorkeler and experienced free diver and has a shallow turtle sanctuary where you can watch the turtles graze on the sea grass.

sumilon island is a beautiful day trip away from Atmosphere in the Philippines with its white sandbar. Photo by Paul Dale

Siquijor Island, Sumilon Island and other islands

Further away you will find Siquijor, which you can reach by public ferry but we recommend going there overnight, or take a private plane. Siquijor has cave systems, beautiful waterfalls, big balete trees and old churches to explore, as well as great snorkeling and diving.The islands of Sumilon, Bohol and Balicasag are a bit further but are excellent places to go by plane or overnight.