Gives Forward – In the Community

Atmosphere and the community

Atmosphere Gives Forward sponsors social and environmental projects that focus on sustainability. We believe that it is not just about giving to sustain a current situation but providing an opportunity to create a brighter one. Our Gives Forward program is a work in progress which evolves continuously. At present, we have opened a soup kitchen (ASK) that provides 80 children with lunch to enable them to go to school. Many more projects are up coming and there is plenty of opportunity to help, follow us on Facebook and YouTube for news.

ASK – Atmosphere Soup Kitchen

Atmosphere Soup Kitchen (ASK) opened in 2011. We provide 80 children with a balanced lunch, 5 days a week, year round. The children are from one of the most impoverished areas in Dumaguete, 30 minutes away from the resort. The aim is direct and simple: Provide one nutritional balanced meal per day to school children between the ages of 6-12 so they can stay in school. The success of the program is owed to the mothers of the children who volunteer and run the program. We visit ASK twice a week together with guests who wish to join. If you would like to make a donation, or volunteer during your stay please contact or let us know during your stay.

Livelihood Programs

Our livelihood program offers income-generating activities for the parents of ASK, many of whom scavenge through the dump-site as their main source of income. The program started with teaching the women how to create jewelry using recycled paper beads, this activity has now progressed into its own fair trade business, Lumago, a group of ladies who continue to innovate; creating new designs and increasing the quality of their products.
You can find their hand made jewelry in our Boutique. Other activities include the Piggy Project, enabling families to take care of a small piglet thanks to donations, and eventually selling it for a profit. We also have a sewing co-operative, teaching the locals to sew and giving them another means of income. The activities are designed to be diverse and depend on a variety of reliable markets. We welcome all help!

One-Off Projects

Our one-off projects are diverse and plentiful, to name a few:

  • We prioritise environmental education to school children
  • We encourage participation in coral watch to school children
  • We hold a number of workshops that deal with local social issues such as teen pregnancy
  • We use the arts as a creative vehicle for education
  • We collaborate with other local organisations for medical and dental care for impoverished communities

Through generous donations, we have also been able to provide birthday presents to all ASK children, hold Christmas parties, yearly beach parties and reward the ASK students with the highest honours. We are constantly finding new ways to be involved.