Lechon - Fiesta – How to party like a FilipinoExplore

Fiesta – How to party like a Filipino

Whilst traditionally a fiesta in the Philippines is held to celebrate different patron saints, you would be forgiven if you simply thought it was the local town or cities excuse to have a party since that is in actual fact what happens. It is a once a year opportunity for the locals to show their generosity to others with an open house invite to celebrate and mainly to eat lots…
Rae Collins
20th July 2015
Apo Island - a diver and snorkeler ParadiseExplore

Apo Island – a diver and snorkeler Paradise

Although Dauin is mainly visited by 'muck divers,' there is a great opportunity for reef diving only 20 minutes away at Apo Island. It is a stark contrast to the diving along the Dauin coast nearby Atmosphere Resorts & Spa, but you cannot compare the two because of how different they are. Although some critters are found at both places, such as sea kraits and sea turtles, Apo Island also…
Daniel Geary
27th April 2014