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The Mysterious Twin Lakes

We're so lucky to live on the beautiful volcanic island of Negros, with so many untouched natural sights to discover. One of these gems is Lake Balinsasayao and Lake Danao. AKA The Twin Lakes Natural Park. These beauties are hidden deep in the jungle of the Talinis mountain range, an hour and a half north of Atmosphere. Balinsasayao and Danao are a set of volcanic crater lakes separated by a…
Becky Stanbridge
29th January 2018
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Delightful Dumaguete

The City of Gentle People Dumaguete is the epitome of a friendly and laid back city on the water, it has almost everything you could need, while not being too big or crowded. One of it's biggest appeals may be that you can easily be out of the central city, up the mountain or sitting on a quiet beach within 20 minutes, or that the locals, known as Dumagueteños are…
Becky Stanbridge
23rd November 2017
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Benefits of Sulphur Hot Springs

Have you seen our incredible back drop here at Atmosphere Resorts? Mount Talinis is a dormant volcano and lush jungle blankets the mountain. Jungle scattered with beautiful rivers and waterfalls just waiting to be discovered. Another reason to explore the mountain is the possibility of coming across natural hot springs which are rich in minerals and heated by the volcanic geothermal activity. Some of these springs are pushed to the surface…
Becky Stanbridge
22nd August 2017
The Manjuyod sandbar - the maldives of the Philippines by Christian LeBlanc, Droneheroes and Atmosphere ResortExplore

Manjuyod Sandbar – The Maldives of the Philippines

Did you see the movies by blogger Christian LeBlanc and Most people did and marveled at the spectacular Maldives-like footage of the sandbar nearby Atmosphere Resort. This insanely beautiful sandbar located less than 2 hours north of the resort has quickly become one of my favourite places to get away to. A peaceful paradise that seems a million miles away from everywhere, it's like a dream world you can…
Atmosphere Resorts
2nd October 2016
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The thundering waterfalls of Negros Oriental, Philippines

Casaroro Waterfalls Who doesn't love a waterfall? Negros Oriental, where Atmosphere is situated, is an island with a lot of volcanic history and you'll find on your arrival in Atmosphere that the sand is brown lava sand and that the resort is shadowed by a large mountain that once used to be a volcano. The perfect environment for thundering waterfalls, lakes and streams. Casaroro Waterfalls, the most photographed body of…
Atmosphere Resorts
10th May 2016