An Eco Friendly resort – Sustainability

As an eco-friendly resort, Atmosphere is committed to reducing the negative environmental impacts that may result from running a resort. We aim to protect both our terrestrial and marine environments by using recycled, local and refillable products in the rooms, restaurant, dive shop and spa. We also use eco-friendly solar power units, have power cut-off switches in the rooms and many other elements that minimize our impact.

Environmental Policy at Atmosphere in the Philippines

Eco-friendly things we do at Atmosphere:

  • Solar power units to heat all hot water.
  • Only launder towels which are left on the floor and change bedding every two days.
  • Refill our shampoo, conditioner, shower gels and lotion bottles.
  • Provide dual flush toilets and no water urinals.
  • Segregate all our waste.
  • Provide salt water chlorinated pools, reducing chemical use dramatically.
  • Provide eco-friendly air conditioning units with 40% energy saving inverters.
  • Provide power cut-off switches in the rooms.
  • Use local and recycled materials where possible.
  • Use recycled paper for the majority of our printing.
  • Do not provide any plastic water bottles.
  • Provide guests with complimentary and reusable aluminum water bottles.
  • Discourage the use of straws and those we provide are compostable.
At Atmosphere the use of disposable plastic is banned and we use refillable products for our cosmetics. Being an eco friendly resort in the Philippines, we find it essential to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Eco-friendly actions you can take during your Atmosphere stay:

  • Minimise hot water consumption.
  • Only leave towels on the floor if you would like them to be hanged.
  • Use the dual flush toilets correctly.
  • Only request a fresh beach towel when necessary.
  • Shower before entering the pool.
  • Only use air conditioning when necessary, and try to limit the temperature to 24oC.
  • Turn off the main switch upon leaving the room, which leaves only the refrigerator on.
  • Limit your use of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and lotions.
  • For guests staying in Garden Apartments and Penthouses; please use the recycling bins.
  • Make use of Atmosphere’s eco-friendly water bottles.
  • Purchase our locally made and recycled products from the Boutique. Our suppliers include Lumago Designs and Ecovie.
Atmosphere is proud to sell recycled paper jewelery from Lumago in Dumaguete Philippines

Mission 2020

Initiated by Fourth Element, Mission 2020 is a platform for organisations from the global dive community to come together and pledge to change their practices. The goal is to help protect and conserve our oceans by World Oceans Day in 2020 (8th June). Here’s our Mission pledge:

“At Atmosphere we have already made great strides in limiting our environmental impact. By World Oceans Day 2020, we pledge to have eliminated front of house single-use plastics and will continue to expand our sustainability and awareness raising efforts with our guests, suppliers and local community.”

mission 2020 at atmosphere


Marine Conservation and environmental awareness at Atmosphere in the Philippines

We are lucky at Atmosphere to have a spectacular and protected house reef, along with several more small marine sanctuaries spread along Dauin’s coast and at nearby Apo island – a world famous dive site.

Our dive centre has a no touch, no gloves, no feeding, no anchoring policy and we actively show and promote a diving etiquette video (watch below) to inform our guests.

We kindly ask our guests to collect trash they encounter whilst diving, and conduct regular clean-up dives on our house reef, logging our findings with Project Aware’s global Dive for Debris database. Our beach cleaning station also encourages guests to fill one bucket with trash from the beach in return for a free buko (coconut) juice!

Our in-house Marine Biologist presents educational talks several times a week, raising awareness with our guests on key topics such as coral reef conservation, plastic pollution, and encouraging them to support marine conservation efforts.