A mating pair of octopus on the Atmosphere Resorts house reefUnderwater Sightings

A Caring Mother on the House Reef

July, August and September have been great months for diving here at the Atmosphere House Reef. We have had mating pairs of frogfish, pregnant ornate ghost pipefish and banded pipefish, a few pairs of leaf scorpion fish, and most recently, a few mating pairs of octopus, all on the house reef! We have known about a few octopus that reside in our house reef for a while, but our divers…
Daniel Geary
2nd October 2014
Dive Site of the Week - Richards PointScuba Diving

Dive Site of the Week – Richards Point

One of the most requested dive sites from Atmosphere’s diving guests is definitely Richard's Point. This dive site is full of life from the minute we enter the water to the deepest part of the dive. No guest has left Richard's Point without a huge smile! So what is it like to dive there, you ask? Let me take you through a typical dive here. Once we enter the water…
Daniel Geary
10th September 2014
A Harley on the Atmosphere House ReefMarinelife

A Harley on the Atmosphere House Reef

One of the most sought after underwater critters is the beautiful harlequin shrimp, found in the Indo-Pacific. Despite being a very rare critter, the harlequin shrimp makes an appearance in Dauin from time to time and is mainly found in coral reefs, not at 'mucky' dive sites. We have been lucky at Atmosphere, with three visits this year, counting in the one on the house reef right now! “Harleys” as…
Daniel Geary
4th September 2014
Giant frogfish perched near a mooring blockMarinelife

Frogfish – an Atmosphere favourite

Of all the critters on the Dauin coast, there is one that definitely stands out as a favorite of many divers and that is the frogfish. Whether the size of a grain of rice or a dinner plate, we never get tired of seeing them here at Atmosphere. Frogfish are one of the most interesting critters in the ocean and come in every shape, size, and color imaginable. We have…
Daniel Geary
20th August 2014
Jawfish on the Atmosphere Resorts house reef Jawfish on the Atmosphere Resorts house reefMarinelife

Jaws! A house reef favourite…

One of the many awesome critters we have in Dauin – and even better, plenty on the Atmosphere Resorts house reef - is the jawfish. There are roughly 40 species of jawfish, but one species, the Yellowbarred jawfish, is happy to call the our house reef its home. You can find a good number of these small fish (up to 10 cm) below the main reef in the rubble field…
Daniel Geary
16th July 2014