TRX and Circuit Training in our Warrior Gym

Our Warrior Gym is located next to the Fitness center reception, near the resort entrance. It is an outdoor gym with a variety of obstacles and apparatus perfect for a good workout. We also offer daily fitness classes (exception Sunday) conducted by our certified personal trainer in TRX, circuit training, crossfit and body conditioning. Private classes offering more personalized workout sessions are also available. The Fitness center is complete with shower facilities, juice bar and a comfortable seating area for post workout relaxation.

Mountain Biking at Atmosphere

With nature and beautiful scenery on our doorstep, mountain biking is sometimes the best way to experience the surrounding area. We run daily guided mountain biking experiences from the Fitness center, where our experienced guide will take you on one of the many local trails. We have biking trails ranging from novice, perfect for beginners or families, to more technical and challenging adventures for the more experienced rider. Each excursion combines exercise with scenic views of neighboring Islands, visit to local landmarks and information on the local habitat.

Yoga at Atmosphere

Embraced by many, yoga can be practised on a simple level for fitness and mental relaxation or on a deeper level to penetrate all aspects of life. At Atmosphere, both open and private yoga classes are held daily, from absolute beginners to intermediate and advanced level. Yoga is held on our tree top yoga platform by the beach and we also offer kids’ yoga and meditation classes. Read more in the yoga section of the website under Wellness.