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The Power of the local Hilot Massage

Hilot pronounced HEE-lot is an ancient Filipino art of hands on healing that involves intuition and massage. Even today many Filipino’s will seek the advice and therapy of a manghihilot (hilot practitioner) as an alternative to a medical doctor. Traditionally they have no formal training, with their knowledge and practice being passed down from one generation to the next. It also relies on the individual’s ability to tap into and…
Rae Collins
20th September 2015
Lava Shell MassageNews

Lava Shell Massage

Our Spa ladies have been experimenting again and are now offering the Lava Shell Massage, a twist on a hot stone massage while keeping in tune with our surrounding ocean by using 100% natural Filipino tiger clam shells with a self heating gel. This sounds like it would top off a perfect day of diving! What do you think? Relax, enjoy and surrender!
Atmosphere Resorts
17th September 2015
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SNUPS (Splash-NUDI Underwater Photo Shootout)

This year I took part in my first underwater photography contest, the annual SNUPS (Splash-NUDI Underwater Photo Shootout) event that takes place here in the Philippines. This year we had enough people from Dumaguete/Dauin that wanted to participate that they gave us our own leg to compete against Anilao and Cebu/Malapascua. It's an amateur competition, so no professionals allowed! One great aspect of this competition is that it doesn't allow…
Daniel Geary
10th September 2015
Vegan Breakfast MenuNews

New Vegan Breakfast menu

In light of our recent yoga retreat during which we catered for all types of different vegetarians, Head chef Denver had a lot of fun coming up with our new extensive Vegetarian Breakfast menu to work alongside our Healthy Living options. The Vegan Breakfast Menu Out of 11 options on this menu, 8 of them are completely vegan and it has had rave reviews so far. We literally can't wait…
Atmosphere Resorts
3rd September 2015
A schedule packed full of divingNewsPADI CoursesScuba DivingUnderwater Sightings

A schedule packed full of Diving

It has been diving galore this month as Instructors Don, Lor, Daniel and Lauren have all been very busy with numerous PADI courses. Guests Immo and Luci both completed their Open Water Courses mid August. Our Marine Biologist Daniel helped guest Katherine complete her Rescue Course on the same week. Lauren was in charge of a number of DSD's in English and French over the last couple of weeks and…
Atmosphere Resorts
1st September 2015