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Into the Deep with Daniel

The ocean is a huge place, so big in fact that our planet is called the blue planet. We know by looking at a world map that the ocean takes up more space than land, but what about beneath the surface? According to Blue Planet Seas of Life, a BBC documentary, “Over 60% of our planet is covered by water more than a mile deep. The deep sea is the…
Daniel Geary
23rd August 2015
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Detox with Dave Catudal

The ladies in our Sanctuary Spa were positively beaming after a ten day workshop with Dave Catudal from Train to Transform in August. Dave came to show our ladies a variety of new Detox drinks and you wouldn't believe the number of extremely healthy ingredients most of us may not have even heard of that goes into them! Along with the drinks Dave was here to demonstrate some new Spa…
Atmosphere Resorts
10th August 2015
The Secrets of Tropical GardeningUncategorised

The Secrets of Tropical Gardening

The After-Dinner Gardening Book by Richard W. Langer was one of my favorite books back home in Southern Finland. The book is an urban gardening guide telling the author’s quest to grow tropical fruits indoors in New York City. Deeply inspired by the book, I also tried, with ever changing success, to grow avocados, mangos, pineapples and lemons in my studio apartment in the middle of Helsinki city. I controlled…
Saila Kitola
5th August 2015