Three hearts and blueish green blood... 10 fun facts about cuttlefishMarinelife

Three hearts and blueish green blood… 10 fun facts about cuttlefish

Many divers here in Dauin want to see cuttlefish, whether it is big or small, swimming or hiding. We are lucky to have a few that frequent our house reef, as well as some other dive sites where they are quite common. These critters are surely one of the weirdest here on the coast, but there is more to them than meets the eye. Here are ten awesome facts about…
Daniel Geary
30th March 2015
yoga retreatWellnessYoga

Why I love a Yoga Retreat

The word retreat literally means to withdraw and that is exactly what I find myself doing when I go on a yoga retreat; withdrawing from the usual stresses of everyday life. I revel in the idea of shaking free the shackles of cell phones, internet connections and work. Just the thought of what goodness the retreat will bring me allows me the luxury of letting go of everyday concerns and…
Rae Collins
26th March 2015

Blowing our Trumpet

You know it’s kind of funny that I find myself sitting here on my verandah again at 5:30 in the morning writing my eagerly awaited quarterly Blog Post. Now, when I say “eagerly awaited” I don’t mean from the tens of thousands of followers or eager readers, I really mean from our Marketing Manager who once again is on my back. Having said that, my first Blog entitled “Coffee and…
Matthew Holder
24th March 2015